gwyneth’s risotto with peas + greens

rice, finalI know how Gwyneth Paltrow got those perfectly toned arms of hers and it’s not from multiple Tracy Anderson sessions a week; it’s from making this risotto. Trust. She jokes in the recipe (in her new cookbook, It’s All Good) that after twenty minutes of stirring ladles of vegetable stock into the risotto that “your arm should feel as if it’s going to fall off” and man, Gwynnie ain’t lyin.

But it’s so worth the effort — and not just for the bonus triceps workout — but for the creamy, decadent texture of this risotto, that’s actually healthy. It tastes like it’s loaded up with cheese and cream, but nope, there’s none of that nonsense. Instead, it’s sweet from the caramelized onions and leeks, and deliciously fresh from the peas and spinach tossed in at the end.

I riffed on her recipe a bit — using brown rice instead of Arborio — and it worked, but it took much longer to cook. So I’d stick with her recommendation on the rice, unless you feel like slaving over the stove for another twenty minutes, stirring in extra water as you go. (That’s a 40-minute bonus arm workout, for those counting at home.)

So if you love Gwynnie or you love risotto — and honestly how could you not? — then you should make this dish. If not, stay tuned as I make different recipes from this cookbook over the coming weeks.

sliced leeks, lemons

leeks, onions in pot

stirring rice

RECIPE gwyneth risotto

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