roasted carrots with yogurt onion dip

raw carrots on towelCarrots are totally underrated. Those pre-chopped baby ones you see in the supermarket give the whole family a bad rap. These carrots — full length, stem-on, roasted deliciousness — are glorious. They may not be what you expect to see when you walk into a dinner party in the middle of February, but pluck one from the jar, glide it through the tangy, but zingy dip — and you’re transported to a summer paradise.

Stand ‘em up and serve ‘em in a mason jar¬†as I did, with the dip on the side, and score extra points for cutest appetizer presentation.

And PS never buy store-bought dip — never, ever, ever. This homemade one takes two seconds to whip up and is infinitely healthier (and tastier!) than the other option.

carrots in jar, dip

RECIPE roasted carrots with dip

2 thoughts on “roasted carrots with yogurt onion dip

  1. do you find that you can just start with the yogurt as a clean slate and just add from there and see what works? can always erase a mistake?

    • yes, the yogurt is your clean slate, Nick — but you can’t take away, since it’s in the yogurt now — but you can keep adding, easily. this one’s a hard one to mess up, so give it a whirl — and take photos if/when you do!

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