my Web video series

Scripps Networks turned TV Dinner into a Web video series for ulive (their video platform) called  TV Dinner with Friends. Each episode centers around a different area of health and wellness that I dive into with an interesting, fun guest. Sometimes it’s a friend of mine, sometimes it’s a famous chef, and other times it’s one of my famous chef friends. After that, they created a 6-part spin-off series called TV Wedding which followed Brian and I as we got ready for our big day. Both series are below; I hope you enjoy!

TV Wedding Episode 1: transforming my mom’s wedding dress into my own


TV Wedding Episode 2: my workout routine


TV Wedding Episode 3: the flowers (and flower crown!)


TV Wedding Episode 4: dance class


TV Wedding Episode 5: the ceremony


TV Wedding Episode 6: the party!


*     *     *     *     *

 Ford sent me on a #onetankadventure to the Hudson Valley to scope out all the best food destinations. First up: the Culinary Institute of America.

CIA screengrab

Then I went to Damon Baehrel’s basement bistro for a 15-course meal, every bite of which came from his property.

Damon screengrab

And on the last day of my #onetankadventure I went to the Farm Box and Crimson Sparrow.

Crimson screengrab

*     *     *     *     *

On the ninth (and last for now) episode of TV Dinner, I made avocado toast with an egg on top for my friend Brooke. It’s the perfect post-workout meal.

ep 9 screengrab

On the eighth episode of TV Dinner, I made Brian’s favorite: scallops. It’s the perfect meat substitute with a little mashed cauliflower on the side, especially when discussing weight loss management.

screengrab 1

On the seventh episode of TV Dinner, I made Liz Stein’s banana nut breakfast quinoa. She’s the founder of Purely Elizabeth. This recipe blew my mind. It tastes just like french toast.

quinoa screengrab

On the sixth episode of TV Dinner, I made a spicy corn salad with shrimp and avocado with my friend Falcon who’s a chef and restaurant consultant.

screengrab for falcon

On the fifth episode of TV Dinner, my friends The Frommers (Dan + Lauren) came over and I made Fromey’s brussels sprout hash and we talked about the benefits of their gluten-free diet.

frommers screengrab

On the fourth episode of TV Dinner, Chef Francis Derby from The Cannibal came over and I made the tomato and peach salad that he just added to his restaurant’s menu, in order to better satisfy his non-meat eating customers.

francis screengrab

On the third episode of TV Dinner, Sarma from One Lucky Duck came over and I made her famous heirloom tomato, fennel + avocado pressed salad while we talked about the benefits of a raw diet.

screengrab for link

On the second episode of TV Dinner, Chef Sam Talbot (from Top Chef!) came over and I made the chickpea tabbouleh with fuji apple from his cookbook.

screengrab 1

On the first episode of TV Dinner, I made garlic shrimp white bean extravaganza for Brian and my friends Maya and Matt.

EP 1 screengrab

*     *     *     *     *

On this episode of “Spending Time With…” Dale Radio came over my house to cook ceviche tacos with me.

*     *     *     *     *

On the last stop of our West Coast road trip, the guys at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle made my dreams come true by tossing me not one, but two salmon. I caught both!