introducing TV Dinner the Web video series!

EP 1 screengrabMy Web video series for Scripps is finally here on! We’ve been working on this for months and I can’t wait for you to see all the yummy recipes and fun guests I have coming up.

In this first episode I made a garlic shrimp white bean extravaganza, which you’ll see is not only super simple, but also healthy and delicious. Huge thanks to my first guests, Brian and my friends Maya and Matt, who were such great sports. And of course my amazing crew Adam and John and all the super talented producers and editors who brought this series to life.

You can watch the episode by clicking HERE or on the photo above. And this is just the beginning! I’ll be posting two new episodes a week for the next five weeks, so please stay tuned.

RECIPE garlic shrimp extravaganza

6 thoughts on “introducing TV Dinner the Web video series!

  1. Jamie, I’ve been traveling a bunch, so finally had time to binge-watch your show. It’s terrific — I really appreciate all of the health and nutritional info that you’re sharing, too. I was just catching up on the avocado toast and fried egg episode and my 12-year-old daughter came into my office and watched it with me. She’s now in the kitchen, making herself avocado toast before she plays tennis. You’re already influencing the next generation. Congrats to you on a great series!

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