smitten kitchen’s one-pan farro with tomatoes

one pot farroI first told you about my love for Of a Kind when I made the miso sea bass from their cookbook in October. A month later I read about this one-pan farro dish in their weekly “10 things” email. It’s one of my favorite reads each Monday cause co-founders Erica and Claire are great at uncovering gems. (Hence, their entire lovely biz.) And apparently they have impeccable timing too, because they linked to an old recipe of mine in their most recent email… just days after I had made this dish/planned to blog about it. Great minds, etc etc…

Anyway, the one-pan farro! This was Claire’s original endorsement: “Making double batches of Smitten Kitchen’s absurdly easy one-pan farro with tomatoes to last me for the whole week—it somehow manages to taste better reheated.”

I can now firmly second this notion. I made it last Sunday and had it for lunch the next two days. My only riff was to add kale and lots of sriracha to the pot when I added everything else… and I nixed the cheese on top. So go ahead and follow Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and you’ll be golden. Then, sign up for Of a Kind’s newsletter. Thank me later.

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