miso sea bass + roasted asparagus

miso sea bass, final

miso, recipe showing

roasted asparagus, final

sea bass closeup, finalI’ve been a big fan of Of a Kind for a while now, so I was shocked — and disappointed in myself — when I saw them tweet about the 3rd volume of their cookbook a few weeks ago. Third! Where have I been? Not wanting to miss out on anymore one of a kind recipes, submitted by designers featured on their site, I ordered it right away.

Grace Lee’s Miso Sea Bass caught my eye immediately because not only had I not made sea bass in a long time — maybe ever for B? — but also because there are 4 ingredients for the entire recipe. Four! And one of them is the sea bass.

My friend (and former camper) Lara was going to be spending the day with me on Monday, documenting my whole day for her fun new photo documentary project, so I knew this would be perfect to make that evening. After an early morning at work, errands, and spin class, who wants to slave away in the kitchen and try to make sense of a complicated recipe? Not this girl.

I made it over simple, lemon roasted asparagus, but it would be delicious with any vegetable, really. Sea bass is definitely more expensive than other fish at the market, but man, is it worth it. B said it was the best fish I’ve ever made. What more can I say?

RECIPE miso sea bass

RECIPE roasted asparagus


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