strawberry, pea, almond salad

final saladPeas really don’t get the love they deserve. I always see them in the market and think – huh, peas, I should eat you. But what can I put you with to make you a little more interesting? Enter the latest issue of Bon Appetit, which I read on the plane ride home from vacation, in which I found this recipe that looked as delicious as it did easy. The latter, easy, was the key this week, since getting back into the routine after two weeks off has been a bit harder than I anticipated.

But here we are, back home, ready to get cookin’ again. What better way to get back in the groove than with this salad, which is so simple and so healthy? Bon Appetit suggested a mustard vinaigrette (which I’m sure is divine) but since I was adding tilapia on top, it seemed like one too many flavors. Instead I went with good ‘ol olive oil and red wine vinegar. Feel free to try their dressing and/or add whatever protein you like on top. I’m sure avocado would be a perfect addition to this salad as well. Or keep it as is from my recipe below. Either way, hope you enjoy!


frozen peas

RECIPE strawberry pea salad

4 thoughts on “strawberry, pea, almond salad

  1. Fresh peas are so underrated…popping them out of the pods is worth it on occasion if time permits. I love the creativity here – you do such a good job with just seeing what works…why not just give it a shot and see if different combinations work together!

  2. Sounds delish! Did you cook/marinate the tilapia in anything? Wondering how the flavors worked with the tilapia on top… Thanks!

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