coconut curry swordfish

swordfish, final“I thought it would have fins on the end… or something,” B says to me as he glides into the kitchen, peering over my shoulder into the pan — his sense of smell and curiosity getting the best of him from where he sat in the living room.

Fins! Fins? Or something.

The guy just wrote a book; I’ll cut him a break. This is one fish — and CURRY — he’s not familiar with. BA-DUM.

I got jokes. I also got good intentions when it comes to feeding my man. I don’t feel bad about only cooking fish for him — I don’t eat chicken, turkey, or any red meat, as you may recall — but I do want to mix it up for him, and make sure he’s satisfied with dinner each night. I do it for myself too! Because swordfish is not in our regular cycle of TV Dinners — at least not in the same way that tilapia, mahi mahi or scallops are — I decided it was time. It’s more substantial, more meaty, more steak-like than lighter, flakier fish — but just as delicious and easy to make. So don’t be scurrrred.

And while you may have your preconceived notions about curry — the sauce, not the embattled TV anchor — this one tasted much more like a sweet and sour sauce, then your typical spicy curry. I thought about punching up the spice a bit with some diced peppers or sriracha, but decided to give it a rest for the evening and let the lime, sugar and curry powder shine through. And shine they did. Served atop a bed of brown basmati rice, this was a filling, tasty meal.

Now tell me, how have you prepared swordfish lately? Leave me a comment below.

sliced lime, sugar

curry, with fish

RECIPE coconut curry swordfish

4 thoughts on “coconut curry swordfish

  1. Hi Jamie — really enjoy the blog! I wonder if as a fish-lover you’ve ever used the EDF seafood selector… helps you find the most sustainable, ethically-sourced kinds of fin fish & shellfish
    I also love this top 10 guide
    I’ve heard swordfish is most sustainable when it’s domestic and harpoon-caught.
    Finally, I don’t know if you know about Table to Farm, a great podcast thru Slate magazine — Their pilot ep is about where most of our scallops come from in NYC, highly recommended.
    Sorry to be sharing “ethically-sourced fish” instead of a fun recipe… but it’s something that’s been nagging in the forefront of my mind while grocery shopping lately! :)

  2. I made this a couple of days ago and it was fantastic! The swordfish turned out tender and flaky and the sauce (which made enough for 4 steaks) was delicious. I used organic canola oil and reduced it to 2 tablespoons (1 to sear the steaks and 1 in the sauce). Thanks very much for posting—I’ll be using this recipe often.

    • Thanks so much, Lynn! I’m thrilled that you liked it and will make it again. (Makes me want to revisit it!)

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