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final bibimbapLet me tell you about my friend Mindy: not only is she one of the funniest people I know, and now mom to one of the cutest babies I know (see little Jordy, below) but she is also a Master Chef. We had big plans for when B and I were coming to visit her in Baltimore last weekend. I invited two of our other close friends from college over; we were going to whip up this big meal — spring rolls I made a few weeks ago with Noah’s sweet chili drizzle, and her husband Matt’s all-time favorite dish: bibimbap. I found this recipe online and we talked groceries, chopping, plating strategies for days.

Then I got a little stomach bug, and our plan went right out the window. That’s when Master Chef Mindy took over, and I became her sous chef. And you know what? She killed it. Turns out Mindy makes this all the time for her husband Matt — I should add all-star wife to her resume — and even had the legit Korean bibimbap sauce, which I didn’t even know existed.

She whipped out her rice cooker — something I had never used before — which was perfect cause it gave the quinoa that sticky rice texture that  I love. The greatest thing about this dish is that not only is it so healthy, but you can use whatever veggies you have in the fridge. We had planned to use avocado, but they weren’t ripe yet, and instead of just carrots, we used part of a bag of broccoli slaw from Trader Joe’s, which had thinly sliced carrots and other greens. So just use our recipe below as a guide.

The only drawback of bibimbap is the timing. Not just in preparation — cause there can be a lot of chopping — but also in assembling. [See photo below] We cooked each veggie and covered its plate with tin foil while so it wouldn’t get cold while we cooked the rest. Then once the bowls are assembled, she had to fry an egg for each person — so there was a slight risk of it getting cold again — but that’s where the hot sauce can be of service. (That and liquoring up your guests, always helps.)

I now really do think almost anything tastes better with a fried egg on top — and when prepared with an old friend.

PS can we please marvel for a moment at Matt and Mindy’s gorgeous marble dining room table at the top? It photographs so well. Then one more time for good measure, their beautiful daughter Jordy below? K thanks, now go make your bibimbap!

sauteed slaw

me assembling

me and jordy

RECIPE bibimbap baltimore

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