souped-up seaweed salad

seaweed salad on tableI love seaweed salad — I always order it when I eat sushi — but I had never made it at home. Until Saturday. I was admittedly nervous about how it would turn out, even though I asked for very specific advice from the guys working the sushi counter at Whole Foods when I went to do my grocery shopping. They said it expands when you place the seaweed in water — and it does, big time — so two packages each of red and green seaweed was more than enough for my 8-person dinner party.

It was a New York Times recipe, fitting since one of the couples was B’s colleague Lexi and her husband Grant. She must have liked it, cause she instagrammed it afterwards — if ever there was a barometer of love, social media is it. [Though the photo at the bottom I actually stole from Lindsey, one of my other guests — thanks Linds! Guess she liked it too, obviously.]

Anyway the recipe called for avocado as well, but since I was serving some with my main course (recipe for that salmon tartare coming in a few days), I decided to opt out. Plus I had so much radish happening, I rolled with that instead. Aren’t the red ones below gorgeous? The last picture by the way, is me holding a daikon radish — in case you were wondering what one looks like.

radish bunch

radish sliced

daikon radish

salads on table 1

RECIPE seaweed salad

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