prosciutto + pears: the perfect paleo snack (or lunch!)

pears prosciuttoEven though I’ve been grain-free for almost a year now (since last May, which is WILD) I’m still figuring out good snack options. Luckily I’m not much of a snacker, but when the mood strikes I don’t always want grain-free granola, nuts, seeds, or a chia bar. Those are great, and filling, too. But I want options. So I started buying some meat to keep in the house that I could just slice and enjoy… a solid move, one I’m glad I made.

I put together this little platter when B and I sat down to binge on House of Cards: slices of prosciutto wrapped around slices of pear (way better than the usual melon suspect), slices of hard salami with spicy mustard for dipping, and some cornichons.

This snack was so good it turned into lunch.

My kind of snack.

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