Rishia Zimmern’s Chicken With Shallots

chicken with shallots in skillet, flat shotIf you, like me, wanna keep things real simple in the kitchen by the middle of the week… but also wanna make sure you have something healthy and satisfying for your family… this chicken dish is for you. Bonus if you, like me, only have two mouths to feed: you can pack up the rest and bring it with you to work for lunch. I was the envy of the office when, one morning around 10:30 (I get up early, remember), I peeled the lid off my tupperware, allowing the smell of mustard and shallots waft through the kitchen area. It was fantastic the night before, sizzling straight outta the skillet, but like most things even better cold the next day.

Major kudos to Rishia Zimmern, wife of Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern, for sharing her delicious recipe with NYT Cooking.

chicken with shallots, in skillet

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