my RA story, on the cover of Arthritis Today Magazine

Arthritis Today in B&NAs I said yesterday, a lot happened this past year. But of all the press, all the excitement, all the hoopla, I think being on the cover of the January/February issue of Arthritis Today is perhaps the most special to me. (And pretty cool, right? Next to Stacy Keibler in Barnes & Noble!)

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 10 years ago and for a while, it totally kicked my butt. While I’m now much better — happier, healthier — than I’ve ever been, I still have my days. Sometimes my ankles hurt, sometimes my wrists burn a bit; there is no cure for RA so it will never fully go away. Still, this feels like a bit of a victory lap. One that’s a long time comin.

I struggled for years to find answers, which is why I love the response I’ve gotten from TV Dinner readers who are trying to manage their arthritis. They want to try new medicine, new diet, new exercise — you name it — and while I can only speak from my own experiences and what’s worked for me, I’m always happy to help. I answer every email and try to answer all your questions, too… so keep em comin. We’re all in this together.

I think you’ll learn a bit more about my story (and my crazy schedule/routine) from Judy DiEdwardo, who wrote a lovely piece to accompany the cover. So I hope you’ll check it out. And a huge thank you to everyone at the magazine, especially Bryan Vargo (Lifestyle and Web editor) who was the first to contact me, and the delightful Susan Siracusa (Creative Director). This is truly a very special honor.

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  1. Thank you for the time you put into telling your story. I was diagnosed several years ago and I’ll never forget the day I got a call from my doctor wanting me to come in for some test results that he got back. I have struggled for years and the doctor always said I was just working too hard and that I should just rest. Then he told me I had RA. Finally he told me that I had RA, and then he told me to make life easier for myself. Buy clothes that would be easy for me to get off and on with ease and slip on shoes. I gave in to RA for a few years thinking I would be handicapped soon no reason to go on. Then I came across your blog and thank you for letting me know the inside of RA. I am exercising now, eating better, and fighting the RA and refusing to give in. Thank you again for your help and advise. I’m not giving up and RA isn’t going to define me and stop me from living a full life. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Nice email… Def cool to b on the cover…and what a beautiful photo! Wonderful article too which I read at ur parents New Years party. But sorry I missed the accompanying editors article. C u in feb w smiles and dancing feet! Shelley

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