jane’s pomegranate, nut, and green herb quinoa

quinoa finalYesterday my friend Felicia came over to hang out and cook with me. We had originally planned to whip up a recipe from Gwyneth’s cookbook, but at the last minute we decided to instead try this quinoa dish I had been eyeing in Jane Coxwell’s Fresh Happy Tasty.

It couldn’t have been a better fit either, because much like Felicia, this pomegranate, nut, and green herb quinoa surprises you — in the best way possible. I hope she doesn’t mind being compared to food! But seriously, they’re both full of flavor and the most perfect juxtapositions: punchy but sweet, intricately layered but delicate. After I told Felicia that Jane’s other quinoa dish I made was very much in the same vein, she picked up her phone and ordered the cookbook from Amazon Prime, right on the spot. (She’s also now itching to buy my favorite Kyocera knife and my Vitamix too! More on that in a moment.)

What I love most about Felicia though is her infectious excitement over food and food photography. It’s so delightful being around someone who’s just as crazy (again, in the best way possible) about the taste and styling of her meals. And her attention to detail pays off, big time, as evidenced in her post about our cookfest yesterday; her photos are stunning.

She has the full quinoa recipe there so I’ll just add the one for homemade hummus, which is where that Vitamix comes in. Sure you can buy hummus at the store, but making your own is super simple and so much healthier. Plus you can tailor it exactly to your liking, which for me means Garlic to the enth degree. You might ask, as I did when I first saw the recipe: what is hummus even doing in this quinoa dish? I’ll tell you: making it amazing. It adds a creaminess that holds all the ingredients together and a surprising mediterranean feel. It’s almost like you’re on DVF’s yacht with Jane. Almost.

hummus in vitamix
quinoa final 2
RECIPE garlic hummus

One thought on “jane’s pomegranate, nut, and green herb quinoa

  1. This is awesome Jamie! Looks truly delicious. Love the herb photo, too.
    Thanks for the support. So excellent!
    When I’m back in NYC, we should arrange for a dual cook or somethin’.
    Either that or we could just do a DVF studio visit/ hang… The yacht is too far away :)

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