scorching scallop ceviche

ceviche, servedThe first time I ever cooked for B — back on Valentine’s Day 2012 — scallops were on the menu. They’re his favorite, so I’m always looking for new ways to cook ’em. Inspired by a photo I saw recently of someone serving ceviche in a martini glass, I decided to buy the goblets I had been eyeing for months at Anthropologie and use them as the base for my appetizer. The bottom of these glasses were somewhat deeper than I thought, so I crumbled up some tortilla chips to fill in that area. What was at first a move for pretty presentation became a delicious surprise for our guests upon finishing the ceviche.

And what a ceviche it was! If you’ve never “cooked” ceviche, it’s as simple as throwing the fish in a container with lime juice and letting the citrus “cook” it in the fridge. The outcome is light, sweet, and summery.

But you’re still wondering about the “scorching” part, aren’t you? That’s where the serrano pepper comes in. After his first bite, B described the heat as “challenging” while I think I used the term “glorious.” However you say it, serranos are hot. Jalapenos might be a safer bet, should you not be up for the high level spice. But like, YOLO.

Similarly I’m not a fan of cilantro, but I used it as a garnish because it adds a bit of color and pizazz. I also love the flavor of the smoky salt I used, which came recommended by the chef Jane Coxwell. I cooked her green apple macadamia quinoa as a side dish for this dinner party and will be posting that recipe soon. Stay tuned!

RECIPE scorching scallop ceviche

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