roasted shrimp tacos with mango avocado salsa

taco table 2There is almost nothing I love more than Mexican food — the spice, the salt, the requisite sipping of tequila. The problem is just that though — whenever we go out for it I wind up guzzling down tequila and pounding chips and guacamole. You might say those are good problems to have, and most of the time I’d agree, except it’s summer and that’s not exactly the best route to a bikini body. We’re just trying to be a little healthy around here, yafeelme? So a few weeks ago when I was craving Mexican food, I dug up a recipe our good friend Scott emailed me, and whipped up a Mexican feast of my own, at home. See? Easy to be healthy. Ish.

Two things caught my eye about this recipe. First, the shrimp were roasted. I have always sauteed or grilled shrimp, never roasted them, so that was exciting. (Hey, we all get our rocks off in different ways.) Second, they didn’t have too much stuff on ’em, which is perfect for B, who likes his tacos — and really most food if we’re being honest — plain. His regular order from our neighborhood Mexican joint is “shrimp tacos, nothing on it but shrimp and cheese. No lettuce, no tomato, no salsa, no pico de gallo, nothing. Just shrimp and cheese.” I know, bor-ing. (Like I was saying about the rocks…) But that’s what was great here: the avocado mango salsa (which takes about 3 minutes to make) can be served on the side. Then each person can assemble their taco as he or she likes.

I tried these sprouted tortillas so I’d feel even healthier about the whole meal, and they wound up being fantastic. Highly recommend those, and serving them with my Mexican corn salad, and some lime and hot sauce on the side. Enjoy! I’ll see you on the beach.

shrimp taco, closeup

mango avocado salsa

RECIPE roasted shrimp tacos

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