roasted chili corn

corn, finalI’m so happy that corn is in season again. As soon as I saw these ears in Trader Joe’s (for $0.49 a piece!) I snatched ’em up and starting thinking about how to cook ’em. Luckily Gwynnie had a recipe in It’s All Good that I could easily riff off.

These were a little spicy, a little sweet and only took about a half hour to make. Though next time I may put the sauce on the side, cause B didn’t love it. “This was delicious; I just prefer my corn plain. I’m a simple guy.” Yea, message received. But I liked it — nay, loved it — so maybe like those choose your own adventure novels, next time he can choose not to use so much, while I choose to drown mine in it. (Or I can make it the same way and have all the corn to myself.)

Either way it goes well with any main dish. I served it alongside a salad with veggie burger on top, which made me feel like I was poolside, at a summer barbecue. Soon enough, right?!

RECIPE roasted chili corn

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  1. Hearing May referred to as corn season is like nails on a chalkboard for this Midwestern gal’s ears. Wait until August when raw kernels are so sweet they could be served as dessert. Oooh, I can’t wait for sweet corn ice cream! Nonetheless, the combination of sriracha and lime will have me eating corn no matter the season. I look forward to trying this!

    • I know, Susan — I can’t wait either, til later in the summer for even sweeter corn. I was just so excited to see it in the market again — last summer feels like ages ago!

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