darcey’s corn + black bean dip

dip aloneNeed a simple, healthy appetizer for your dinner party this weekend? Having some friends over for drinks and want to put something out for them to eat, without slaving over a whole smorgasbord? Sick of the same old cheese platter? Behold, your solution: Darcey’s Corn and Black Bean Dip. Though to be fair, it’s actually Darcey’s Aunt Sue’s Corn and Black Bean Dip — but that’s a mouthful, and you need room to eat!

I’m here all week.

Anyway last weekend I was so lucky — my 4 best friends from high school and I went away to one of their parents’ lake houses for some quality girl time. Since we were going to stay in the house all weekend — we were just going to gossip and drink anyway, no need to go out for that — we didn’t have any outfits to plan, only meals. Girls gotta eat! I (naturally) offered to take care of dinner and Darcey — one of my girls — said she’d bring some appetizers.

I wasn’t planning on breaking out the Official TV Dinner Camera (my iPhone), but this dip blew me away. It has a perfect little sweet zing to it, and since there’s corn and beans, it’s healthy, except for the fact that you’re shoveling it in with handfuls of salted tortilla chips. Nobody’s perfect. I’d even make it in a bigger portion next time and serve it as a side dish, perhaps to a barbecue meal.

I ate around the feta cheese cause I don’t eat dairy — but you should dig in and enjoy without hesitation — and when you do, thank my friend Darcey. And her Aunt Sue!

RECIPE darcey corn black bean dip

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