miso citrus cod

assembled cod, pre-cookThere are so many reasons why you need to cook your next piece of fish in parchment paper.

1. It looks super fancy and special, so by proxy YOU look super fancy and special, when in reality it is the easiest meal to assemble.

2. You can’t screw it up.

3. Each person will open their parchment paper, wrapped like a personalized Christmas present (but not quite as neat, and without the bow) and their face will light up as the aroma of flavors hits them. BOOM. It’s like food magic: you can smell each individual ingredient, but you also smell them blended together, which is so. much. better. than the sum total of their parts. It’s mind-blowing.

4. Did I mention you can’t screw it up?

So grab a roll of parchment paper — sold like tin foil, in a roll — and invite your nearest and dearest over. I used a regular size baking sheet to make 4 servings for my girls this weekend. Each serving needs a piece of parchment paper that’s about that length — enough to fold up on all four sides once stuffed with all its yummy goodness. I adapted my recipe from Love & Lemons — a blog I check daily for both easy, healthy recipes and gorgeous photography — and they have yet to disappoint.

Feel free to swap the cod for any white fish, bok choy for any crunchy, leafy green and use any kind of mushroom — but be sure to let me know what you try, cause I’m always looking for new parchment paper recipes.

bok choy : mushrooms

cooked cod

RECIPE miso citrus cod

10 thoughts on “miso citrus cod

  1. I was one of the lucky ones to try this!!! Delicious and the perfect combination of ingredients. In fact, I’m craving it now…

  2. Just made this with my wife — and it was amazing! Just one thing! We brushed the fish and left some pools of the sauce in crevices of the fish and bok choy, thinking it would just be absorbed or evaporate. But when we opened the prized cod, there was a bigger pool in the parchment. It still tasted great, but presentation-wise, it wasn’t a pretty picture! Still, we’re going to try again next week. Again, thanks for posting this.

    • I’m so glad you liked it, David! Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as I hoped either — but at least the taste didn’t disappoint. Let me know how it goes next time — and send photos!

  3. Hi Jaimie, believe it or not i was just watching the news and today seemed different between you and Kiernan, no more big down coats lol..Back on topic this is a very ideal meal during brunch, especially for those on a steady diet, and never stop looking so good on the flat screen ; ] #Keepthatsmile

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