miso glazed scallops + roasted brussels sprouts with apples

scallops main picI have a confession to make. I ripped this recipe out of a magazine while getting my nails done last week. I am 31 and I am my mother. Though I’m not even sure if Helen pulls these kinds of hijinks — so maybe I’m more like my late grandmother? What’s next — stashing Sweet’N Low from the diner in my purse? Whatever life lessons there are to take away from this, at least B and I got a spectacular dinner out of it. And you will not believe how EASY this was to make and how LITTLE amount of time it took.

Good thing too, cause these are B’s favorite foods — healthy foods, I should say — lord knows he loves himself a good chocolate chip cookie. But at least making him what he loves isn’t a chore. (It never is, honey!) Want a cute/fun TV Dinner Rewind? Of course you do! Lookie here — it’s the same thing I made him last Valentine’s Day, the first time I ever really cooked for him. Different sauces, different styles, but you get my drift.

But tell me — how do you prepare scallops and brussels sprouts? Leave me a comment and I’ll try your recipe on B next! For now, check out my version after the jump — and enjoy!

chopped apples

brussels:apples in pan

miso glaze in bowl

scallops on tinfoil

RECIPE miso scallops

RECIPE roasted brussels apples

4 thoughts on “miso glazed scallops + roasted brussels sprouts with apples

  1. Brussel sprouts: cut ends off and slice in half. Shake brussel sprouts in plastic bag with walnut or olive oil and lemon juice (Just enough to coat the vegetable). Spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Season with sea salt. I like a lot of sea salt. You can add a little pepper also, but I usually don’t. Roast at 400 or 425 degrees for about 30 minutes.
    (I crush garlic and let it flavor the walnut oil or olive oil, while it’s in my kitchen cabinet, until i need it. I combine the oil with the garlic in old peanut butter jars.)

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