fish tacos with simple slaw + avocado cream (dinner party, part 5)

taco MAIN 1I’ve wanted to make a fish taco dinner party since we moved into the LoveNest in September. I’ve scoured for recipes, marinades, toppings, and finally found this one on Love & Lemons which sounded absolutely divine. Sure, there seemed to be a long grocery list and a lot of prep time — but it seemed worth it.

The payoff? B not only told me this was his favorite dinner party meal yet, but he also confessed this: “I realized this was going to be my first time ever having tacos without cheese — and I was nervous — but they really didn’t need it. The slaw and avocado cream were more than enough flavor.”

So it passes the true litmus test: my meat and dairy eating boyfriend loved the no meat, no dairy meal.

And don’t worry about the prep time — the best part of this meal was that I could make everything well in advance — the fish marinade, simple slaw and avocado cream. (And I even think it got tastier while in the fridge for a few hours.)

Next time I’m going to make the tortillas a little crispier and have more toppings on the table — maybe some peppers? — let me know in the comments what you put on your fish tacos.

dinner table

RECIPE fish tacos

RECIPE simple slaw

RECIPE avocado cream

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