this sole’s got soul

final dover sole

I love spicy food — like, mouth-watering, tongue-tingling, ohmygod-I-need-water-NOW spicy. Though we all know water doesn’t help when your taste buds are on fire. But I digress. I am always on the search for spice and I had never made a curry before, but always wanted to try. So I did some googling, some label-reading, some experimenting and this — THIS — is what I came up with. I’m still training B to like things as hot as me, but if whomever you’re cooking for can handle it, try some habaneros or thai chili peppers. We’re working up to those in the lovenest. As B is famous for saying, “standby.”




with coconut milk

brian eating sole

Mmmmm… he likes it!

His only complaint: the quinoa could use a little seasoning.

He asked for some salt. I asked for him to cut me a break. Guess who got what they wanted.

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