Hi! I’m Jamie — and welcome to TV Dinner. While the name — inspired by my waking up early everyday to be on TV and my husband Brian being up (not as early) to write about (and now be on!) TV – is fairly new, the idea has been marinating in my brain for years.

I have always loved to cook. I got it from my mom, who made dinner for my dad, two brothers and I almost every night of the week growing up. I know, she’s something. But I started to care a lot more about what I was cooking a few years ago when I found out that meat and dairy were aggravating my rheumatoid arthritis. Long story, short: I went vegan and it cured all my pain — literally, from a 10 to a 0. And while I now eat eggs and fish, I am still just as mindful about what goes in my body.

Who wants to be all creeky-jointed grandma at 32? Not this girl! Which is why eating well is important to me — and luckily it is to Brian, too.

In 2010, he — through rigorous calorie counting, meal tweeting, and exercise — lost 90 pounds. I know, that’s almost one of me. Almost. But as he tells me all the time, losing it is not the hard part, maintaining it is.

So this is what we’re doing: reinventing the TV Dinner. Here, there are no snack tables, processed foods, or buttery side dishes. Instead, I cook us healthy dinners – always with variety and a lot of spice, and sometimes with a tequila on the rocks on the side. I like to cook for our friends, too. So you’ll see a lot of dinner party pictures as well as recipes here, and sometimes photos from when we eat out in the neighborhood.

Hey, I’m no Helen Shupak; I can’t cook every night. And Brian can’t even scramble an egg. Like mom says though, “you only have to be good in one room of the house.”

So if you’re trying to make the kitchen yours, I hope you’ll try out some of my recipes and let me know what you think. They’re delicious, healthy and easy to replicate. I am all about ease. Remember: I have to cook, clean, digest and get to bed. My alarm’s going off at 3:26 in the morning!