one-pot thai chicken curry

thai chicken curry in le creusetSince Brian doesn’t cook — yet, there’s always hope! — I wanted to make as much food that I could freeze as possible before my foot surgery. That way, we wouldn’t have to rely on Seamless for every meal. I was nervous because it would be at least a month or two before I was back on my feet to cook and even when you order a salad, or something considered healthy, there is still a ton of salt and other stuff added. Thanks, but no thanks.

So the TV dinners — literally, since I wasn’t allowed to leave the couch for a few weeks — had to not only be healthy, but also easy. (Nurse Brian would be doing enough for me; mealtime shan’t be too complicated.) Freezing all-in-one meals would be best: protein and vegetables in one container. Zap in the microwave. Boom, dinner is served.

This one-pot thai chicken curry from Bon Appetit fit the bill perfectly. I made a few giant servings of it so we could have one before surgery and freeze the rest. It was not only delicious fresh but also again defrosted/reheated.


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