will you walk with me… to help cure arthritis?

jingle bell run walk 2013That was me emceeing last year’s Jingle Bell Run/Walk with 4-year-old honoree, Paula, who has juvenile arthritis. Each year the Arthritis Foundation recognizes different people with arthritis — their doctors, too — who are doing remarkable things to either spread the word, raise money, or fight for a cure. This year — in exactly one month from today — I’ll be the celebrity honoree.

I’m really looking forward to it because it’s been a rollercoaster of a year for me, arthritis-wise. I was the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been leading up to my wedding in February, but since then have been dealing with a serious bout of pain, inflammation and disfunction in my ankle. I continue to try different measures — some old, some new, some western, some integrative/holistic — and I’m hoping to strike the right balance soon and shake this limp once and for all. The good news is, pain I was feeling elsewhere — in my hands, wrists and shoulder — has subsided… at least for now. But it’s a lifelong battle; one I’m learning more about every single day.

Which is why it would mean so much if you could walk with me on Saturday, December 6th here in NYC. Some people will run, some people will walk, and some others — like myself — will hobble as best they can. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about with this group. It’s a fun day, celebrating the life and function that we DO have. Not what we don’t.

So join me! Walk with me! And if you can’t be here, you can still support from afar.

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