hemsley hemsley beef ragu + courgetti

beef ragu and courgetti, with cookbookI eat fast. I know I shouldn’t. I should slow down, savor each bite, take a breath, enjoy the fruits of my labor. But I can’t help it. I scarf food down like it’s going to be taken away from me if I don’t finish within minutes. Brian, on the other hand, eats slow. So slow that after I’ve finished eating (and checked Twitter, instagram, my email…) I’ll joke that he must hate the food I’ve made. (He doesn’t; what he hates is me saying that.) I’ve said before that I equate how much (and how fast!) he finishes with how much he loves me. Which is why just minutes after I gobbled down this plate of beef ragu and courgetti… or as I like to call it, zucchini noodles bolognese… I was gobsmacked to see that Brian had also cleared his plate. I checked under the table, inside his crumbled up paper towel, even behind him on the couch, but he ate it. Every. Last. Bite.

So I’ll definitely be making this dish again… only problem is that I’ve dog-eared about 20 other recipes in this book that I want to make first. “The Art of Eating Well” is the first cookbook I’ve come across that caters to a mostly Paleo diet (which I’ve been following for five months now) without calling itself that or more importantly, being overly preachy about what you eat. It focuses on eating well for your gut, a concept I’ve been learning a lot about lately as I attempt to keep my raging rheumatoid arthritis (RA) at bay. (Think less grains and sugar, more bone broth and probiotics.) I’ve become smitten with the London-based Hemsley sisters because of this approach that’s so… approachable. Helps that they’re totally adorable and have a fun instagram account and Vogue UK column to follow.

Now that I’m eating some meat (pasture-raised, grass fed only) I’ll be showing you some of the recipes that I’ve been experimenting with over the last few months. It’s the first time I’ve had some of it in almost 7, 8 years… so bear with me. It’s an exciting experiment; we’ll see where it takes us!

Meantime, here is the full recipe for the Hemsley Hemsley beef ragu and courgetti. Enjoy!

beef ragu and courgetti, closeup

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