Paleo almond butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites

brian with bite finalWhat if I told you that you could eat all the chocolate chip cookie dough you wanted and not feel guilty about it? (Maybe you already do! If so, hats off.) And what if I told you that you don’t even have to turn on the oven (or stove or operate any machinery) to make it?

You’d be sold, of course, because you’re human. You have feelings. You have needs. And you have feelings about needing chocolate chip cookie dough. I get it.

So head to Taylor Made It Paleo for the ingredients and recipe, and get to rolling these bites up. (It takes minutes, literally.)

Just make sure you have plenty of room in the freezer, cause you’ll want to make lots more. Trust me. See the look on my husband’s face? He’s as happy as a clam. Should we tell him they’re Paleo?


cookie dough 1

brian outtakes

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