episode 2: chef sam talbot

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Sam + me, smilingIt’s time for episode 2 of TV Dinner, my Web video series for ulive! This was an unbelievable afternoon. Chef Sam Talbot came over and I made the chickpea tabbouleh with fuji apple from his cookbook, The Sweet Life. You may know him from Top Chef, the Surf Lodge or being a general food man about town, but what you may not know is that Sam has been living with diabetes since he was 12 years old. But he doesn’t let it get him down; no, his upbeat spirit about it is infectious. He understands how his diet plays a huge part in his health and by proxy, his happiness, so he eats well without giving up anything. Sure he watches his carbs and sugar intake, but by incorporating whole grains and lots of fresh herbs, citrus, and vegetables, he maintains an active, sweet life.

Even if you don’t have diabetes I highly recommend his cookbook, which is chock full of awesome, vibrant recipes. This chickpea tabbouleh in particular was super easy to make and what surprised me the most was that the amount of parsley and mint wasn’t overwhelming in the least. In fact, it added to the dimensions of flavor in a huge way. And it packs an incredibly healthy punch. Did you know that parsley has three times as much vitamin C as an orange?

Chew on that while you watch the show. And if you missed the first episode of TV Dinner, you can catch up here.

cookbook + tabbouleh

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RECIPE sam's chickpea tabbouleh

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