roasted figs with honey + rosemary


figs, ice creamWhenever B is going out of town, I try to make a special dinner — or something — for him the night before he leaves. I like to think of it as planting a pleasant (and yummy) reminder of home in his brain that’ll stick with him, wherever he is.

So Monday night I did something totally wild and crazy before his trip to Utah (where he spoke at two different colleges this week about social media) and I made dessert. (Fun fact: this is only the second dessert ever featured on TV Dinner.) That’s because if you know me, you know a dessert person I am not. I don’t have one iota of a sweet tooth. In fact I would walk away from a table piled high of cake, brownies and cookies without so much as a split second thought. Give me a bowl of salty chips though, and now we’re talkin.

Anyway I saw these figs at Reading Terminal Market when we were home in Philly last weekend and I decided to give ’em a whirl. Turns out they’re super easy to make and not really that sweet at all. Figs, who knew?! I served ’em with a nice helping of honey, atop Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy non-dairy frozen dessert and it was spectacular. But you could put these guys on a crostini or cracker as an appetizer, or mix ’em into a big green salad and serve it for dinner. Any way you do it, whoever’s eating ’em won’t want to say goodbye.

figs 2

figs, ice cream 2

RECIPE roasted figs

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