tv dinner: the Scripps web video series !!!

shooting sarma's intro

me, cooking hashI am so excited to finally share this news: Scripps (the company that owns the Food Network, Cooking Channel, etc…) is turning TV Dinner into a web video series. We’re almost done shooting the first 10 episodes and it’s been a dream. I’ve had super fun guests — some friends, some celebrities, some celebrity friends! — and I’ve made some truly delicious dishes.

As soon as I can tell you more — like where and when you can watch, and of course share the recipes — you know I will.

Meantime, I want you to meet my crew. That’s J. Adam Giese (in the photo below), my director/shooter, crouched down in front of me. Poor guy is over 6 feet tall and has to shoot me eye level. Not to worry — by episode 6 I got him a stool to sit on. And that’s John Marton on the left, who’s in charge of all the close-ups and secondary angles. Fun fact: he’s a pro rollerblader. Not officially, but might as well be. Check out this amazing video that Adam made of John a few weeks ago in the Bronx. The two of them are so talented and I’m so grateful for their awesomeness.

I can’t wait for you to see the magic we made together!

john + adam shooting

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