sweet + spicy: tequila cocktail time!

sliced fruit for sangriaI’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: tequila is the best and only drink. It gets such a bad rep because people associate it with that last shot of the night, when they probably shouldn’t be drinking any more anyway. Instead think of it as you do a wine fine, scotch, or whiskey — that you sip pleasantly on the rocks, perhaps with a splash of lime juice or agave. That’s how I usually take it.

Or, instead of night cap, think of it as a party starter — as I did this past weekend for our Cinco de Mayo Eve/B’s a New York Times bestselling author fiesta. (Yes, Top of the Morning made it on the list — two weeks in a row now!)

But I digress: my best friend Jess came over and helped mix up two tequila treats for the party. (She also styled and took that gorgeous photo below of the pitcher in the window. Thanks Jess!) The first, a tub of sweet mexican sangria. Use whatever citrus you have on hand, and let it marinate for as long as possible before serving. The second, a spicy mamita (I coined that myself), which is a very spicy jalapeno and cucumber infused tequila drink, best served with a cup of orange juice on the side. That way your guests can cut through the spice with a little sweet.

It’s hard to tell which was a bigger hit — I think I prefer the spicy one — but go for it, and try both. The recipes are below and I can promise you’ll join me on The Tequila Train in no time. Cheers!

fruit for sangria

drinks on table

spicy tequila

RECIPE spicy mamita

RECIPE sweet mexican sangria

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