apron anxiety’s asian-inspired mahi mahi

mahi finalA few weeks ago I read Apron Anxiety, the hilarious and heartfelt memoir of Alyssa Shelasky. It’s an adorable, fast read — I devoured it in two, maybe three days — about her love affairs in and out of the kitchen. Since most of her stories revolve around food, she pauses between every few chapters to list the recipes of the dishes she mentioned. It’s very Nora Ephron-esque, which of course I love.

The one that caught my attention immediately — and drove me to figure out how to use the highlight/save-for-later feature on my Kindle — was her easy asian-inspired fish. I love easy. I love asian food. I love fish.

I tweaked it a bit; I ditched the ginger, and used wasabi powder instead of wasabi paste, and of course added sriracha, cause I always need my food a bit spicy. I also used more lime than she suggested — but feel free to use one and not two, especially if you want it less sweet or citrusy. The outcome though I imagine is the same: a tasty fish dish that takes minutes to make. And who doesn’t love breadcrumbs? They give it that substantial, carby feel — without being carby and unhealthy.

It goes with any veggie too, which makes it that much easier of a meal. I had organic pea shoots and brussels sprouts in the fridge, so I sauteed those in a bit of olive oil, toasted sesame oil and dijon mustard to bring out the mustard powder taste in the fish. And it was a hit; B loved it.

Thanks Alyssa!

mahi with hoisin

RECIPE asian inspired mahi

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