friday night quickie

IMG_4592It’s Friday night and you’re looking for a quickie… meal to make. After a long week of work, no one wants to slave away in the kitchen. No, no, no, no, no. But you have friends coming over and must whip something up for them, pronto. Get ready, this meal will blow your mind. Theirs, too.

First you must understand the 3 components to a successful Friday night quickie:

1. It must be easy

2. It must look fancy and special, even though it only took 5 minutes to prepare

3. It must not make you feel guilty after

Luckily I work in Chelsea Market, so I stopped into Lobster Place and picked up some sushi-grade tuna, already sesame crusted. Any other night I might experiment with my own crusting, but on a Friday night during the holidays? No thank you. I plated a bed of organic pea shoots (please tell me you’ve had pea shoots — I’ll eat them with/on anything) and sliced a few cucumbers super thin for the side. Then I whipped up some spicy mayo to dollop on top. How did I do that? Easy, grasshopper. I mixed some Vegenaise with jalapeno hot sauce from Trader Joe’s and voila. I seared the tuna for a minute on each side, sliced it nice and thick, then lay it down on the bed of pea shoots. I put low sodium soy sauce on the table for dipping, but we all wound up pouring it over the heap of tuna like some kind of ice cream sundae.

Everyone was satisfied with their Friday night quickie. Just as they should be.

RECIPE seared tuna

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