jane coxwell’s green apple + macadamia quinoa

toasted macadamias

If I had to pick a favorite item of clothing in my closet, it’d probably be my leopard print Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. I remember first putting it on in the store, how hesitant I was about its cut (accentuating  every curve of my body) and its bright pink print, attracting a little more attention than I wanted. But after a nudge from a smart stylist I wore it on TV and instantly fell in love. What had all seemed too much, was in fact the perfect mix of fun, smart, and sexy.

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roasted carrots with yogurt onion dip

raw carrots on towelCarrots are totally underrated. Those pre-chopped baby ones you see in the supermarket give the whole family a bad rap. These carrots — full length, stem-on, roasted deliciousness — are glorious. They may not be what you expect to see when you walk into a dinner party in the middle of February, but pluck one from the jar, glide it through the tangy, but zingy dip — and you’re transported to a summer paradise.

Stand ‘em up and serve ‘em in a mason jar as I did, with the dip on the side, and score extra points for cutest appetizer presentation.

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