mushroom, kale + seafood paella

finished paella, closeOne of the most fun days of my life was two years ago when B and I were in Barcelona and I helped a Spanish chef make paella by the beach. It was a perfectly sunny day at the end of our vacation and yes, it was just as dreamy as it sounds. We ate so well on that trip but it’s the paella that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since.




cioppino, platedAs soon as I laid eyes on this cioppino in bon appetit, I knew I was making it for my next dinner party. Someone had raved about it on Twitter — the ease of cooking it, the flavor of the ingredients, and the satisfaction of their guests — so I was sold.

Cioppino is as delicious as it fun to say, in your best Italian accent of course. Say it with me now, CHI-PEE-NO. (Don’t bother calling it fish stew, it does the goodness of this dish no justice — none whatsoever.) It’s filling without being heavy, adequate for both the guys are girls (which isn’t always easy!), and best of all — impossible to screw up. That last quality is of the utmost importance when you have friends over and the wine (and tequila) start flowing.

Follow this recipe to a T and you too will have those same rave reviews I did last Saturday night. This one’s a keeper. Enjoy.