chicken cacciatore a la food52

chicken cacciatore in dutch ovenI am so utterly tickled by how good my home smells right now… how delightful this bubbling pot of chicken, bacon, vegetables and spices looks…that I am left no choice but to post this recipe for you right now. I’m also waiting for B to get outta the shower and get ready to sit down and eat, but I’m not pointing any fingers… just pointing you to fantastic recipes — like this one on Food52! Try it,¬†and you too can be as tickled as I am by this chicken cacciatore.

swiss chard farmer’s market salad

farmer's market salad with swiss chardThe best Sunday dinner is the kind made strictly from our Union Square Greenmarket haul on Saturday. This gorgeous (and spicy!) mix is:

> swiss chard (which was $2 for a giant bunch — still figuring out what to do with the rest. saute it?)

> broccoli sprouts

> peppers (I wish I remember what kind these are / but they’re bright, almost neon green, and stunning)

> teeny yellow cherry tomatoes

> I threw in some sesame seeds and tossed the whole thing in homemade dressing (apple cider vinegar, spicy mustard and a smidge of manuka honey)

Cheers to the end of another beautiful weekend / the start of what I hope is another magical week.