roasted vegetables in mustard + balsamic

roasted autumnal vegetables in balsamic and mustardBaby, it’s cold outside. Time to start thinking about warm cozy meals, while also savoring the last bit of fall. You can do it; eek it out, before it’s officially snow season. Take these beautiful autumnal vegetables for example. Roast ’em, then toss ’em in mustard and balsamic. They can play sidekick to a piece of fish or meat — they’d actually be a perfect tablemate to your turkey on Thanksgiving — or you can do as I did (in the photo below) and mix ’em up with a handful of mini scallops and call it dinner.


my baby bro’s veggie balls

finished balls“I didn’t know veggies could be so filling!”

That’s what Phil, one of my dinner guests, told me after scarfing down these delicious veggie balls. B said the same… and I was thrilled, because I definitely want to make these again soon. Next time, maybe I’ll try ’em with pasta, in a sandwich, or over a salad. The best part is, they’re hearty enough to be a meal all their own. And they’re healthy! It’s lentils, veggies, herbs, walnuts and eggs.

So where did I find the recipe?