fuel for 2013

fuel band

Last night we did the unthinkable. Twice.

First: without knowing it, we gave each other the same Chanukkah/Christmas present. A Nike FuelBand!

Then, shit got real: we got on the scale — in front of each other. Weigh and shame.

And while I won’t mention the results, I will share our goals. Before B’s book party — first or second week in May — I want to lose 7 pounds and he wants to lose 35.

Let the countdown begin: T-minus 4 months.

Have any advice / tips / tricks / recipes? Send ’em along — we can use all the help we can get.

liquid lunch in the lovenest

I love my Vitamix. I would marry it and make its babies if I could. Besides my favorite Rag & Bone boots, it is absolutely the best $500 I ever spent. I know what you’re saying to yourself — $500?! For a blender?! That was my first thought too when my friend Jackie recommended it. But trust. I watched the hour-long QVC infomercial and I was hooked. I bought it. I have yet to regret one penny of it.


My favorite thing it does — and the real reason I bought it in the first place — is it juices veggies, from whole. I love me some green juice. And if you’re a girl trying to get the man in your life to eat healthier, this is the best way — because it’s so easy. You can pack so much veggie goodness into one drink. And you can sweeten it up for them too with fruit or a touch of fruit juice, like I did today with this mix: kale, cucumber, strawberries, flax oil, orange juice and ice cubes.