miso sea bass + roasted asparagus

miso sea bass, final

miso, recipe showing

roasted asparagus, final

sea bass closeup, finalI’ve been a big fan of Of a Kind for a while now, so I was shocked — and disappointed in myself — when I saw them tweet about the 3rd volume of their cookbook a few weeks ago. Third! Where have I been? Not wanting to miss out on anymore one of a kind recipes, submitted by designers featured on their site, I ordered it right away.

Grace Lee’s Miso Sea Bass caught my eye immediately because not only had I not made sea bass in a long time — maybe ever for B? — but also because there are 4 ingredients for the entire recipe. Four! And one of them is the sea bass.

My friend (and former camper) Lara was going to be spending the day with me on Monday, documenting my whole day for her fun new photo documentary project, so I knew this would be perfect to make that evening. After an early morning at work, errands, and spin class, who wants to slave away in the kitchen and try to make sense of a complicated recipe? Not this girl.

I made it over simple, lemon roasted asparagus, but it would be delicious with any vegetable, really. Sea bass is definitely more expensive than other fish at the market, but man, is it worth it. B said it was the best fish I’ve ever made. What more can I say?

RECIPE miso sea bass

RECIPE roasted asparagus


coconut curry swordfish

swordfish, final“I thought it would have fins on the end… or something,” B says to me as he glides into the kitchen, peering over my shoulder into the pan — his sense of smell and curiosity getting the best of him from where he sat in the living room.

Fins! Fins? Or something.

The guy just wrote a book; I’ll cut him a break. This is one fish — and CURRY — he’s not familiar with. BA-DUM.


kale white bean stew

stew main picDo you read BuzzFeed Food? What’s that — you don’t? You should. Aside from their hilarious listicles, they have a certain genius way of breaking down recipes that makes you want to run to the store, buy the ingredients and go home and cook it. And then, tell the world about it. Case in point: How To Make A Healthy, Delicious White Bean and Kale Stew. It’s even reported by their Winter Stew Correspondent, which is basically the cutest job title ever.


miso glazed scallops + roasted brussels sprouts with apples

scallops main picI have a confession to make. I ripped this recipe out of a magazine while getting my nails done last week. I am 31 and I am my mother. Though I’m not even sure if Helen pulls these kinds of hijinks — so maybe I’m more like my late grandmother? What’s next — stashing Sweet’N Low from the diner in my purse? Whatever life lessons there are to take away from this, at least B and I got a spectacular dinner out of it. And you will not believe how EASY this was to make and how LITTLE amount of time it took.

Good thing too, cause these are B’s favorite foods — healthy foods, I should say — lord knows he loves himself a good chocolate chip cookie. But at least making him what he loves isn’t a chore. (It never is, honey!) Want a cute/fun TV Dinner Rewind? Of course you do! Lookie here — it’s the same thing I made him last Valentine’s Day, the first time I ever really cooked for him. Different sauces, different styles, but you get my drift.

But tell me — how do you prepare scallops and brussels sprouts? Leave me a comment and I’ll try your recipe on B next! For now, check out my version after the jump — and enjoy!



cioppino, platedAs soon as I laid eyes on this cioppino in bon appetit, I knew I was making it for my next dinner party. Someone had raved about it on Twitter — the ease of cooking it, the flavor of the ingredients, and the satisfaction of their guests — so I was sold.

Cioppino is as delicious as it fun to say, in your best Italian accent of course. Say it with me now, CHI-PEE-NO. (Don’t bother calling it fish stew, it does the goodness of this dish no justice — none whatsoever.) It’s filling without being heavy, adequate for both the guys are girls (which isn’t always easy!), and best of all — impossible to screw up. That last quality is of the utmost importance when you have friends over and the wine (and tequila) start flowing.

Follow this recipe to a T and you too will have those same rave reviews I did last Saturday night. This one’s a keeper. Enjoy.


fish tacos with simple slaw + avocado cream (dinner party, part 5)

taco MAIN 1I’ve wanted to make a fish taco dinner party since we moved into the LoveNest in September. I’ve scoured for recipes, marinades, toppings, and finally found this one on Love & Lemons which sounded absolutely divine. Sure, there seemed to be a long grocery list and a lot of prep time — but it seemed worth it.

The payoff? B not only told me this was his favorite dinner party meal yet, but he also confessed this: “I realized this was going to be my first time ever having tacos without cheese — and I was nervous — but they really didn’t need it. The slaw and avocado cream were more than enough flavor.”


O.G.: original guac (dinner party, part 2)

guac ingredients, bowlI love guacamole — any time of day, with any kind of meal, or as a meal in itself — I just love it with all my heart. I’ve made it smoky (by roasting the peppers or adding a smoky hot sauce), I’ve made it fruity (by adding chopped mango or pineapple), but for this dinner party I decided to keep it O.G.: original guac.

There were plenty of other exciting flavors in the meal — starting with the chile-lime cashews — and followed by the delicious mango, cucumber, jicama salad, which I’m going to post tomorrow. Stay tuned for that recipe — and others! — there are still 3 more parts to this Mexican fiesta dinner party extravaganza.

PS: another reason to make your own guac at home — Grub Street says you’re shelling out big $$$ for it at your fave Mexican joint.


my baby bro’s veggie balls

finished balls“I didn’t know veggies could be so filling!”

That’s what Phil, one of my dinner guests, told me after scarfing down these delicious veggie balls. B said the same… and I was thrilled, because I definitely want to make these again soon. Next time, maybe I’ll try ’em with pasta, in a sandwich, or over a salad. The best part is, they’re hearty enough to be a meal all their own. And they’re healthy! It’s lentils, veggies, herbs, walnuts and eggs.

So where did I find the recipe?