mango, cucumber, jicama salad (dinner party, part 3)

salad in bowlAs soon as the snow started falling last Friday night I was dreaming about the beach. Fine, the food at the beach — Rockaway Taco to be exact — and their famous salad served in a ziploc bag. It is so simple and divine — long spears of cucumber, mango and jicama swimming in a citrus chile dressing. I thought I could recreate it in the same vein and serve it in individual mason jars — I’m working on my dinner party presentation here — but what seemed cute and creative just didn’t seem practical. So I chopped the veggies smaller, added pomegranate seeds, and plated it with the main course.

It is so easy to make and looks so festive next to the arroz verde (green rice) and fish tacos — don’tcha think?!


shaved brussels sprout salad

brussels salad final

This is the most delicious, most simple, most I-look-fancy-but-I’m-really-not salad.

And how gorgeous are those salad plates? This was our first time using them. I am so in love.

For the record I wasn’t going to serve bread of any kind at this meal, but since we already had a few drinks I called an audible and added a rando package of garlic croutons I had stashed in the cupboard — needed some carbs to soak up some of the tequila.

I’m going to make this another night as an entree, perhaps with a lovely piece of grilled fish on top.

RECIPE brussels salad