Infatuated: Avocado Toast

INFATUATED screengrabWhen my pals at Immaculate Infatuation asked me to kick off their new “Infatuated” series I was stoked — not just to officially test avocado toast all over the city, but also to spread the avocado toast love to all of their readers. I found some delicious versions, so check ‘em out and let me know what you think. Did I leave your favorite out? I wanna know so I can go try.

And if you’d rather make your own at home, you can make this super simple recipe or this slightly heartier one with an egg on top.

I made it for myself this morning on a scooped out toasted bagel — the perfect way to kick off my wedding weekend. That’s right, B and I are getting married tomorrow!

See ya’ll soon,

Soon-to-be Mrs. Jamie Stelter


buffalo cauliflower bites

buffalo bites, final

cauliflower pre-buffaloEvery Super Bowl party has that one annoying person who shows up with something healthy and this year, I was that girl. Or at least that’s what I was worried about, until everyone dove into the buffalo cauliflower bites. “These are a vegetarian’s dream,” Haley, my friend Brooke’s niece, said. Relief! She was ecstatic because like me, she doesn’t eat meat, but the smell and allure of buffalo wings —  especially piled high on a platter on Super Bowl Sunday — can really mess with your senses.

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kale white bean stew with shrimp

stew in le creuset

stew in bowlThere is something so delightful, so special, about simmering a large pot of warm, hearty stew on a cold evening.

I first made this kale white bean stew back in March for our friends Leslie and Isaac. She actually poached the eggs that went on top (I still don’t know how to poach eggs!) and we served it over a thick slice of rustic toast. It was delicious and honestly, I have been thinking about it off and on since then. Yes, months later.

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crispy brussels sprout salad

2 salads on table

salad finalWe love brussels sprouts in our house: shaved raw in a mustard vinaigrette, roasted with apples, sauteed with shallots in a hash, you name it. And now we can add crispy in a salad to that list. I actually made the mistake of making this as a starter before a big meal, not realizing a) how filling it would be and b) how much we’d love it that anything coming after would pale in comparison. So consider yourself warned: this will be your new favorite go-to salad entree. Next time I may even add a piece of plain grilled fish or shrimp on top.

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