Orange Is The New Paleo

Orange Is The New Paleo MAIN PICWe’re having a party! One of my most favorite shows, Orange Is The New Black, is back on Netflix tomorrow and in honor of reuniting with Piper, Taystee, Crazy Eyes and the rest of the Litchfield inmates I put together an orange Paleo feast for your binging pleasure. You may feel guilty about watching 13 straight hours of TV on the interwebs, but you won’t feel any regret from these snacks.

Why Paleo? It’s how I’ve been eating these last few weeks as part of a new experiment with my rheumatoid arthritis… more on that coming soon. Now to the recipes!

First, preheat the oven for some baked sweet potato fries.

When you flip them halfway through (after about 20 minutes), toss the carrots in to roast and get your yogurt dip ready.

Last but not least cut up some more carrots, some mango and juice some lemons for a delicious mango carrot lemonade.

Once you’re done eating, break out the nail polish for an on-theme mani. No party is complete without one. Here are 5 OITNB-tastic picks:

  • Chanel: LA Sunset
  • Chanel: Orange Fizz
  • Givenchy: Mandarine Bolero
  • Essie: Roarrrrange
  • Nars: Ethno Run Left

Happy binging! (And please, no spoilers.)

nail polishes

“inspiralized” zucchini noodles with braised fennel, tomato + beans

main shot

closeup shot of zucchini noodles with braised fennel, tomato and beans!I have a new obsession: my spiralizer. I’ve only had it for about a month and I’ve already gotten every penny’s worth of its $39.99 price tag. Just ask Brian what I’ve made for dinner 4 of the last 5 times and he’ll tell you: zucchini noodles and ______ (fill in the blank with whatever other vegetable and/or protein I have in the fridge).


TV Wedding finale: ceremony + reception!

We’ve seen the transforming of my mom’s dress into my own, the working out (both at Flybarre and at home) to get fit and fantastic, picking out the flowers, and practicing our first dance (whilst teaching Brian how to step-tap)…

…and then came the big day! First, the ceremony:


And then, the party:


A huge thank you to the ulive team for documenting this so beautifully, to all our friends and family for their love and support leading up to our big day and now… into our future. And to Brian, for being the perfect husband. It’s been almost three months and you’re still putting up with me!

more TV Wedding!

It’s time for the next two episodes of TV Wedding¬†on ulive and I can’t wait for you to watch because these were two of the most fun parts of the planning process for me. Episode 3 is all about the flowers — including the flower crown of course, which has since been professionally dried out and framed. (Thanks mom!)

EMBED Flowers

And episode 4 follows Brian and I to a dance class we took in preparation for our first dance. It’s by far the funniest of the entire series and he was actually very excited about it and totally into the idea, lest you think otherwise; I didn’t drag him there!


In case you missed the first two episodes — about my dress and my workout routine — you can watch them here. The grand finale — the reception and party — is coming online in just two weeks. So standby with your tissues. (They made *me* cry at least.) (They also made me want to get married again.) (To the same guy.)