physical therapy graduate!

grain-free cookieYesterday, exactly 20 weeks after foot surgery, I graduated physical therapy.

To celebrate, I made a batch of my favorite grain-free, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies.

I actually loved PT, and will miss it, but I know I now have all the tools and exercises I need in my arsenal to stay healthy and get strong.

My advice to anyone contemplating (or more likely, dreading) any kind of surgery you might need: do it. I limped around on my bad foot, in terrible pain, for almost a year. I struggled. I cried. Still, I denied it… until I couldn’t any longer.

The road to recovery is long, and can be brutal at times, but a life without pain is worth every minute it takes.

turmeric tea

turmeric teaI think it’s time we have a conversation about turmeric.

It’s one of my go-to anti-inflammatory helpers in my vast arsenal of anti-inflammatory spices, supplements, vitamins, and foods. My kitchen cabinets and counter tops sometimes look like a giant science lab with all the potions I mix into my shake each morning. (Some of my other mainstays: L-glutamine, maca powder, bee pollen, collagen powder, manuka honey, coconut oil, every nut and seed imaginable, flax meal, almond butter… the list goes on.) I don’t think there’s one magic herb or spice, but I do believe that each helps my body in a different way and that over time, I’m making myself stronger and healthier by loading up on all this goodness. They all have different qualities and benefits, so it’s fun to play and see what works.

But back to tumeric! It’s an old Indian spice that contains the medicinal compound called curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong antioxidant. Dr. Lipman actually gives me straight circumin supplements to take, and they work wonders… but I still like to add turmeric to everything I can. It has a very distinct taste, but that doesn’t stop me from sprinkling it atop all my roasted vegetables, fish and meat. It’s everywhere now in restaurants too: in tonics, dressings, and even cocktails.

And now, mushing it into manuka honey and whipping it into a tea! And by whipping I mean swirling the honey/turmeric mixture into hot water. It’s so easy I can barely call it a recipe. I use manuka honey because it, too, has medicinal effects, but feel free to use any honey you can get your hands on. Raw honey is fantastic, too.

I swear it has helped my body remain strong as I — major post-foot surgery milestone alert — started going back to spin class last week. And while I’m sure it’s the endorphins, too, I’m going to keep drinking it. It makes me feel good and it tastes good, too.

Turmeric Tea



  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 TBSP turmeric, from dry spice jar
  • 3 TBSP manuka honey


  1. Mix together the turmeric and honey either in a bowl, a mug or a ramekin.
  2. Boil or microwave the water for your tea.
  3. Swirl the turmeric/honey mixture into the hot water… then drink and enjoy!


This recipe was adapted from 101 Cookbooks, who uses lemon and black pepper. I like it with both of those ingredients as well, but they’re not necessary.

A Recipe From Jamie Stelter |

roasted kale sprouts

kale sprouts

What happens when a kale and a brussels sprout make a baby? KALE SPROUTS.

What happens when you roast said kale sprouts in the oven for 10 minutes with a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper? CRUNCHY SPROUT GOODNESS.

Also: the easiest TV Dinner side dish ever.

I bought a bag of these cuties at Trader Joe’s the other day but I heard they’ve also been popping up at area farmer’s markets. So be on the lookout.

B gobbled them right up, too. So ya know they pass the smell test.

Roasted Kale Sprouts



    • 1 bag of kale sprouts (from Trader Joe’s)
    • 2 TBSP olive oil
    • salt + pepper, to taste


      1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
      2. Toss sprouts in olive oil, and a touch of salt + pepper — they don’t need much.
      3. Spread them on a baking sheet and pop it in the oven for 10 minutes.
      4. Enjoy!

A Recipe From Jamie Stelter |

lunch + smoothie tips with @bewellwitharielle

eataly birreria lunch arielleYesterday I had lunch with Arielle Haspel, aka @bewellwitharielle, who is an absolute ray of healthy sunshine. She brought me to Birreria, the restaurant on the rooftop of Eataly, and not only was the space (and lighting) gorgeous, but the food was tremendous. The meat plate was filling and the salads were so fresh, with some unexpected fun twists. Like the grapefruit in my kale salad (which I’m going to copy at home), and the roasted hazelnuts sprinkled atop the brussels sprouts (which I’m also going to copy at home).

Arielle is a nutritionist who has a fun, clean-eating cooking show on Glamour Magazine so she has some great tips for healthy living. My favorite one, which I plan to start doing this week, is for quick smoothies/shakes. She says to prep all of your ingredients — fruits, vegetables, powders, extras — then take all of that (everything you would have in a shake/smoothie except any liquid you might add: almond milk, coconut water, etc…) and put it in single serving ziploc baggies. Then freeze them.

That way the next time you want a quick shake or smoothie but don’t have time to prepare one, you can just grab a baggie out of the freezer and toss it in the blender with your liquid. No chopping, cutting, or measuring… just blending and enjoying.

Genius, right?!

I already keep some fruit in my freezer, but this is a whole other level. One that I can’t wait to be on.

prosciutto + pears: the perfect paleo snack (or lunch!)

pears prosciuttoEven though I’ve been grain-free for almost a year now (since last May, which is WILD) I’m still figuring out good snack options. Luckily I’m not much of a snacker, but when the mood strikes I don’t always want grain-free granola, nuts, seeds, or a chia bar. Those are great, and filling, too. But I want options. So I started buying some meat to keep in the house that I could just slice and enjoy… a solid move, one I’m glad I made.

I put together this little platter when B and I sat down to binge on House of Cards: slices of prosciutto wrapped around slices of pear (way better than the usual melon suspect), slices of hard salami with spicy mustard for dipping, and some cornichons.

This snack was so good it turned into lunch.

My kind of snack.

three days of treats in tulum

tulum olivia jake beachB and I just got back from a few days in Tulum, Mexico where we were celebrating our one year anniversary (and my foot finally being out of the boot). It was just as relaxing as it was beautiful. And the food was spectacular!

tulum be tulum saladMy favorite dish was this Be Salad at Be Tulum — with avocado, cucumber, celery, green apple, mango and walnuts tossed in a mango/passion fruit dressing. Every bite was fresh and sweet and glorious. I’m determined to recreate it this weekend. Standby for results…

tulum fish tacos groupWhat’s a trip to Mexico without fish tacos? Our new friends Mike and Carrie (friends of our Infatuation friends) brought us here, to Taco La Eufemia, and it lived up to all of their hype.

tulum frozen margaritasThe frozen margaritas helped, of course. This is what we washed down our tacos with — pineapple for B, mango for me — and the mango won because when it came time for round two, he switched his order to mango.

tulum ice cream in a jarAnother frozen treat… this ice cream in a jar at Casa Jaguar. It was a little steamy during our meal so I told B I could go for some ice cream. Lucky for us, this was one of their two desserts: vanilla ice cream with layers of berries on the bottom. We raced to the bottom because it was melting so fast; the only race that everyone wins is a race to the bottom of a jar of ice cream.

tulum full fried fishThis guy was our last meal in Tulum and while I’d love to take credit for finding this spot off the beaten path, I can only take credit for following the directions provided in the New York Times’ 36 hours in Tulum. Chamico’s has no menu, no website, and they don’t speak a word of English… but it’s some of the most fresh, authentic food we’ve ever had. And the sand is white! (It’s the beach photo at the top of this post.) The perfect taste to leave in our mouths as we boarded the plane home. Til next time…

matcha tea latte

matcha tea latteI first made these for me and Brian back in October and we loved them. But since my surgery Brian’s been subsisting on his Keurig one cup wonders. But this morning he ran out! Luckily I was back in the kitchen whipping up some homemade almond milk and granola anyway (recipes to come!) so I offered to make him one of these guys again. We admittedly both forgot how good they are.

Matcha, for those who don’t know, is fine powder green tea with all kinds of health benefits. Basically it’s an antioxidant powerhouse that gives you a serious dose of caffeine without the coffee-jitters. (At least that’s how it feels for me; I very rarely drink coffee because I hate the way it makes me feel.)

I add manuka honey (expensive, but worth it for its healing, anti-inflammatory powers), coconut oil (for good, healthy fat), and collagen powder (for joint health, also great for healthy hair, skin and nails).

Jackie, one of the holistic nutrition coaches at Dr Lipman’s office, turned me onto these. Or rather, as with many things these days, she posted a photo and recipe for matcha tea lattes on Instagram and I emailed her asking for the details. So here it is! Enjoy.

Matcha Tea Latte



  • 2 cups hot water
  • 2 tsp matcha powder
  • 2 TBSP manuka honey
  • 1 TBSP coconut oil
  • 2 TBSP collagen powder
  • splash of coconut or almond milk


  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and whiz up.
  2. Pour into 2 mugs and serve.

A Recipe From Jamie Stelter |

recovery update, week 8: back at the grocery store

first whole foods trip since novemberThis is my happy place: the grocery store, surrounded by greens. All the goodness! All the possibilities!

Man, had I missed it.

Yesterday was my first time there since before my foot surgery in November. I’m still walking in my boot — should be my last week of it! — but it was the first day I didn’t need my crutch. I had been leaning on it for support and safety because I just didn’t have the strength or energy to walk on my own. But I do now! Progress is a beautiful thing.

And so is the grocery store. We really take so much for granted everyday and of course you don’t realize whatcha got til it’s gone. But as people whizzed by me yesterday, in a rush to grab what they needed and get the hell outta there, I took my time. I smelled each green. I read each label. I poured over all the choices and took in the beauty and wonder that is each aisle of Whole Foods. It was glorious.

Brian came with me to mark — and celebrate — my return to the grocery store. Or maybe he’s just happy he doesn’t have to try and figure out which manuka honey to buy anymore. Poor guy, taking me shopping via Facetime for eight weeks; he’s a saint.

I’m glad I could finally cook for him again last night. It felt like the first time I ever cooked for him, three years ago, on Valentine’s Day 2012. I was a little nervous, but very excited. Before we ate I thanked him for everything he’s done for me these past two months, including helping me cook the dinner. I still need some help in the kitchen — lifting heavy pots, reaching for things up high on shelves — but it is what it is. I’m doing what I can. I’m making progress! And even if I’m not 100%, it still feels damn good to be back.