arugula, fennel, grapefruit + pine nuts salad

arugula grapefruit saladPerhaps one of the most simple salads to make — and also one of the most beautiful and delicious. The bite of the arugula is softened with a touch of olive oil and lemon… then sweetened with the grapefruit… then juxtaposed with the shaved fennel. Add a little crunch with those pine nuts and your taste buds are in heaven. Serve it as a first course or add a little protein (shrimp, white fish, tofu…?) and you’ve got yourself an A+ dinner.

Arugula, Fennel, Grapefruit + Pine Nuts Salad



  • couple big handfuls of arugula
  • 2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 fennel bulb, shaved on a mandoline
  • 1 grapefruit, quartered
  • handful of pine nuts
  • drizzle of balsamic glaze


  1. In a bowl, massage arugula with olive oil and lemon juice with your hands until well-coated, then plate.
  2. Add fennel, grapefruit and pine nuts on top.
  3. Drizzle with balsamic glaze and serve!

A Recipe From Jamie Stelter |

oven-poached sole in lemon + white wine

cod over asparagusA little over a month post-wedding and I’m finally feeling like I’m back in the groove — at work, making plans with family and friends, and cooking dinner at home. There was a while pre-wedding where it felt like we were ordering in or eating out much more than usual. It felt necessary… and it was fun and easy in a lot of ways, for sure… but I’m happy to be back in the kitchen making fish and vegetables on the regular for my husband. (Gotta keep off those L-Bs we lost for the big day!)



mushroom, kale + seafood paella

finished paella, closeOne of the most fun days of my life was two years ago when B and I were in Barcelona and I helped a Spanish chef make paella by the beach. It was a perfectly sunny day at the end of our vacation and yes, it was just as dreamy as it sounds. We ate so well on that trip but it’s the paella that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since.



happy purim!

hamantaschen 2014And what’s Purim without Helen’s homemade hamantaschen? She sends them to us every year and it is such a treat — because not only do I not usually eat sweets, but Helen’s cooking (that’s my mom, obvi) is just the best. I am not a baker, but she is an all-star — and these are every bit of proof you will ever need. And how freaking cute is she with the handwritten note? I only wish it said Jamie on it, so you could see how she always dots the “i” in my name with a heart. ALWAYS.


smitten kitchen’s one-pan farro with tomatoes

one pot farroI first told you about my love for Of a Kind when I made the miso sea bass from their cookbook in October. A month later I read about this one-pan farro dish in their weekly “10 things” email. It’s one of my favorite reads each Monday cause co-founders Erica and Claire are great at uncovering gems. (Hence, their entire lovely biz.) And apparently they have impeccable timing too, because they linked to an old recipe of mine in their most recent email… just days after I had made this dish/planned to blog about it. Great minds, etc etc…