happy 1st birthday TV Dinner!

One year ago today — on January 23, 2013 — I gave birth to this here blog.
jan 23 screengrab

I had been dreaming about it for years, but it wasn’t til this guy came along, tried my cooking and was like, “Hey, this ain’t half bad. You should do that blog thing.”

brian pointing food

So I got my tush in the kitchen and starting whipping up some recipes.

behind the scenes, me cooking

I really do love each meal I made this year cause each one has a story behind it, which is also why TV Dinner is so special to me — you can string together dinner parties with friends and Sunday brunches and fun press the blog has gotten to see how it (and by proxy, I) have grown. But still, I’ll pick some favorites — in no particular order, five quintessential TV Dinners. Hey, hey you, put your phone down and pay attention.

brian on phone, lunch

#5: Chrissy’s chipotle marinade. I know, it’s not a meal, but you can use this amazing spicy BBQ-style sauce on almost anything — shrimp, veggies, you name it. Chrissy Teigen knows her food so even if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can take hers.

sauce jar, main

#4: scorching scallop ceviche. This can be made as an appetizer or a meal and while I made it “scorching” you can absolutely dial down the heat to your liking. Plus scallops are B’s favorite, so I had to get ’em on the list in one way or another.

ceviche, served

#3: Mexican corn salad. My love of Mexican food knows no bounds. My bridal shower was at my favorite Mexican restaurant and later that night for my bachelorette party we went to dinner at another Mexican restaurant followed by drinks at yet a third Mexican restaurant. So this salad was a no-brainer. Also, it’s just so easy to make. Add any kind of protein on top and call it a meal.

mexican corn salad

#2: kale white bean stew. I have made so many versions of this — with fish on top, with an egg on top, in fact I just made it as more of a soup for myself yesterday when I wasn’t feeling so hot. There are a lot of ingredients but don’t let that intimidate you; this is a simple, delicious and healthy meal.

stew main pic

#1: avocado toast. You knew that was coming, c’mon. This is the most perfect food on the planet. Eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner… or all three. Dress it up with an egg on top or just let it live happily alone. Either way if you haven’t tried it yet, your time is NOW.

avocado toast, home

So raise your glass — or a fish, whatever’s handy — to TV Dinner’s first birthday.


And while you wait for new recipes, check out some of the oldies but goodies, watch the series I shot for ulive, or read about some of the amazingly courageous people I’ve met through sharing my story of living with rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks for hanging, cooking, sharing, and eating with me. TV Dinner, I love you.

tvdinner plate, cliffs variety

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